24 Valuable Marketing tips for Businesses

Despite many entrepreneurs having a preference for word of mouth as an exclusive means of advertising, it just doesn’t cut it with the fierce competition in the business world today. Even though those advocating for this option resort to it due to getting burned by previous expensive marketing avenues which didn’t work out, it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s how it will always be.

Have you ever been hopeful to get something great but never got the results? Well, it’s quite easy to feel relaxed with not spending a dime on marketing due to such past experiences.

However, could you have executed the marketing tactic poorly which ultimately led to the poor results? Whichever the case, it’s important to understand that in the line of marketing, missteps can result in substantial amounts of valuable information for future endeavors. What does this mean? By learning from past efforts, you can employ different marketing tactics to boost your business’ success 10-fold.

So what marketing tips can you apply moving forward?

1. Create ads aimed for the heart rather than the mind.

2. Go through your ad copy and eliminate silly errors such as “don’t lost out on your savings…”

3. Update your ads frequently since repeated punch lines highly correlate to the laws of diminishing returns.

4. Market to the proper target audience since not everyone is a prospective client.

5. Increase your ad frequency placement.

6. Have a consistent ad message in all unified fronts that you advertise.

7. Be precise in your content marketing. No one wants to read 200-word advertising billboard.

8. Use quantifying values in your business ad copy e.g. a $50 savings.

9. Create a sense of urgency e.g. this month only.

10. Have your distinct style of marketing (don’t copy your competitor’s persona).

11. Create a consistent theme/mood for your branding strategy.

12. Limit the use of self-aware ads such as ��we’re the number one service in….’

13. Present a central contact point per ad i.e. a single commercial shouldn’t have a stop by, click or call to action.

14. Regularly update your webpage so that it’s responsive format across all platforms.

15. Don’t create excessively creative ad copies to the extent it sounds like Shakespearean wordplay.

16. Shape your marketing according to consumer preferences.

17. Avoid the use of volatile marketing tools such as car window flyers.

18. Create a detailed marketing budget.

19. Create a customer oriented slogans such as “I love it” to immerse them in the experience.

20. Have a charismatic brand ambassador for your brand.

21. Seek to arrest customer attention within 5-seconds with the ad copy.

22. Leverage the use of social media to make friends and not to dig for clients. It’s important to bear in mind that it’s easier to ask a friend to become a customer than a total stranger.

23. Follow the advice of other marketing professionals.

24. Seek objectivity by getting your ads reviewed by an external party.