Persue a Career in Real Estate or Get Your Bachelors?

The Real Estate Field can be a great opportunity for people who enjoy working with others and have good communication skills. Becoming a real estate agent is an especially beneficial opportunity for those of us who didn’t go to college or who lack certifications etc. In Elmira New York realtors are some of the most well off people in the whole city. With the average salary for an Elmira agent being about $67,000. That’s more than $20,000 than the average yearly salaries of college graduates who obtained their bachelors degrees. These jobs also seem to be on the rise wherever you look, with more people going to college and pursing other things new opportunities are opening up for those who chose not to go for a bachelors. This leaves us with the question, is college becoming less favorable as well as required to have a successful career?

Another popular career choice for those who don’t get their bachelors is web development. The average web developer makes a medium of $66,000 per year and you can learn these skills online through affordable courses that can be found all over the web. Even free courses on youtube can be quite beneficial to those aspiring to learn this trade. I think those considering if they want to go to college or not should definitely consider their alternatives and ask themselves if they will really benefit from college, especially those who cannot afford it without very expensive student loans.