The Top 5 Best Ways to Invest Your Money in 2017!

Here are the best 5 ways to invest your money in 2017 and be
more proactive with money management.

1. Playing a little defense:

The present bull market is known to be the second longest historically and while this does not necessarily mean that the stocks will go down, at some point, we are going
to realize a correction or may be a full blown recession. This is all about when. In this case, being defensive does not mean to avoid stocks and thus one can add some defensive investment to his/her portfolio this year. For instance, one can purchase an index fund which invests in dividend stock growth, which seem to fare better in time of recessions. 

2. Buying a home:

Buying a Home is usually one of the best investment in some ways. For the beginners, it takes the funds you would else be paying rental fee with and turn it into a type of forced investment. Even if it is just 20 percent of your first mortgage, payment will be towards the principal, you will still build up much mote equity as compared to when you would be just a renter. 

3. Get into lending clubs:

Normally, the clubs set the rate of interest on notes depending on a particular credit criteria. Since they just accept appropriate borrowers, they intensely lessen the possibility for defaulters and possible losses for lenders. In this case, you can start out with small funds, then increase the amount they wish to loan as their assurance as the company develops.

4. Save an emergency funds:

Saving emergency funds is another significant ingredient to positive investment of money this year. Among individuals who fail keeping financial resolution, about 73% say they got sidetracked by unexpected emergency hardship or expense. Whether it is unemployment or medical bills, the unexpected situations may disrupt your efforts and spoil the progress you have made just in a single fell

5. Buying great high divided stocks in the

While most of the market was highly recorded last year, the sector of real estate was a huge under-performer. Because equity REITs may be some of the better long-term dividend development investment in the business, now it may be a good time for scooping some of these on sale, such as Reality Income, that invests in freestanding selling properties. Most of them are engaged by businesses which are unaffected by recession and are not susceptible to competition of electronic commerce.