How Close are we to developing Self-Driving car Technology?

If you are curious about how close we are to developing self-driving cars technology then this is the article you are looking for.

In this article, we’re going to look at four major things which show how close we are to developing self-driving car technology. First, we’re going to talk about different levels of self-driving cars technology.Next, we’re going to talk about limitations in software and hardware technology used in self-driving cars. Thirdly we are going to talk about government regulations.Finally, we’re going to finish up with safety. After reading this article, you will have a good idea on how close we are to developing self-driving cars technology.

First, let’s talk about different levels of self-driving cars technology.When it comes to self-driving cars there are four levels, with capabilities increasing at each level.

The lowest level is level 2 and the highest level is level 5.Level 2 cars are able to control both steering and brakes under certain circumstances. Level 3 can drive with the assistance of a human under certain conditions. Level 4 cars can drive almost like a human being but only within a very well-mapped geographic area.When we are talking about self-driving cars we are really talking about level 5 cars which can drive like a human in any geographic area.

Secondly, let’s about the software and hardware limitations.Self-driving cars use cameras, radars, and sensors as their hardware to collect data regarding their environment.

Although the hardware’s are at a stage where it is capable of allowing the cars to be fully autonomous in most circumstances, the software that goes along with it is not. One of the reason is that the software used in self-driving cars depend on a technology called deep learning.It requires a ton of data to analyze and create an accurate picture of the environment around the car.This technology is still in its growth stage.

Closely related to the lack of insufficient data for the software to analyze is government regulations.

Thirdly let’s talk about government regulations.For the self-driving cars to hit the roads, the governments have to pass laws regarding their usage.

They have to develop clear guidelines regarding the development and real-world usage of self-driving cars by consumers.

Self-driving cars software depends on the data collected by their hardware.If a sufficient number of test cars are not allowed to travel through regular roads, the data gathered will be less and also not useful for feeding the deep learning software systems.

When forming laws and regulations, governments have to take a lot of things into consideration.

Fourthly let’s talk about safety.It is expected that with self-driving cars there will be fewer accidents.

But to reach a stage like that is still farther than we expect.Self-driving cars right now and coming in the next few years will be assisted by humans.Laws will be established such that only self-driving cars that can easily be taken over by a human will be allowed through roads to ensure safety.

According to Tesla’s Elon Musk, fully self-driving cars will be available within the next 3 years.But according to industry experts, a more realistic projection where a customer can buy a fully autonomous car is close to 10 years from now.There you go, now you have a good idea on how close we are to developing self-driving cars technology.