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Toys R Us Offering and Autism-Friendly Shopping Event

Christmas Shopping has always been a bustling experience. Shopping at toy stores, specifically, can get a bit extreme, especially around the holiday season. Toys R Us has decided to combat the loud and scrambling Christmas shopping experience. They are offering a quiet shopping event for customers on the Autism spectrum. Those with autism and their families will have the ability to participate in quiet hours at participating Toys R Us locations. The shopping event will include dimmed and limited florescent lighting. No announcements will be made over the loudspeaker and the in-store music will get slapped with the mute button.
The marketing director of Toys R Us, Mike Coogan, had something to say regarding the special quiet shopping event. He stated that his Toys R Us team is full of pride from reaching out to autism groups and holding these shopping events. Mike mentioned that these adjustments made to stores, creating a shopping period that offers a quiet experience, allow children to experience the fun of a toy shop.

For those who may not know, autism is a neurological disorder. It is characterized by an impairment in social interaction and communication, verbal or non-verbal. At times, there is also restrictive and repetitive behavior. One could see why the craziness of shopping might be a situation someone with autism would tend to avoid. This event will give those with Autism an opportunity to shop for their Holiday gifts in a much more comforting environment.

Toys R Us is doing its part to deliver a calm environment for those on the autism spectrum. Autism-friendly signage will be posted and quiet zones will be located throughout the store. The opportunity for these kids to be able to pick out their favorite toys just like everyone else is important. This shopping event will no doubt be a catalyst for future events, regardless of the organization. It will show that everyone needs to be given a chance to do what they love. Disability or not, shopping for one’s favorite toys seems like a basic human right.

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The Most Reliable Mid-Range Headphones

Nowadays, almost everybody owns a laptop or a mobile device; consequently, headphones have become a big deal. For just a few dollars or thousands of dollars, you will definitely get a brand that will match your interests. The question is, are expensive headphones worth it? Or should just get a Mid-range headphone? Below I have outlined some of the best midrange earphones you should consider buying.

1. RHA S500i

• RRP: $39.95 inc VAT
These headphones will provide you excellent value for your money. They are high performing and affordable to most people unlike the high end headphones that go for even $400 a piece. They are characterized by a mid centric and a minimalist design a package that will definitely impress you. This set of headphones is a wonderful performer that rivals even the performance of some high end headphones. It is definitely the Best Mid-range headphones in its own class. You will not regret buying this. It even works with the old fashioned PCs and laptops. You are all definitely covered.

2. Sennheiser HD 429

• RRP: $45 inc. VAT
You do not have to spend several hundreds of dollars for a good headphone. This piece has quality sound that can even rival those of headphones going for more than $300. They are designed with high end looks and though they are small, they will definitely satisfy your need for bass and high quality sounds. Spending money on this piece is really worth it; in addition, this headphone is fit for all of our budgets. You no longer have the reason why you should not get this piece.

3. Creative Sound Blaster JAM Bluetooth Headphones 

• RRP: $39.99 inc. VAT
This headphone is in the class of the Best Mid-range headphones. Its comfort and audio quality will exceed all expectations that you may have had. It is very lighweight and you will hardly realize that you are wearing headphones. Though they do not fold to enhance portability, these pieces of art are small enough to fit in your smallest coat pocket. My personal point of view, these headphones are much better than the highly publicized high end headphones. You will surely enjoy the bass from them

4. Audiomax HB-8A Bluetooth Headphones

• RRP: $45.99 inc. VAT
If you have been looking for quality in the Best Mid-range headphones, Audiomax HB-8A Bluetooth Headphones will definitely complete it for you. With this earphone, you will get all the features in a high-end headphone. There is no need to spend a lot money on very expensive pieces and this one gives you all you may want. It features comfort, a longer battery life a stylish performance and a wonderful sound performance. This is a piece you would definitely want to try considering what it offers and how much it costs.

5. OnePlus Icons 
• RRP: $39 inc VAT
Among Best Mid-range headphones, the OnePlus is the most impressive headphone for several reasons. For just less than £40 you get a beautiful design and high quality. These headphones sound better than any common headphones. There sound and design is even comparable to that of high-end headphones. If you are looking for quality at a constrained budget, these are the pieces you can bet on for a low price and high performance.

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